Plain and simple, Vicki has a gift and working with her will change your life.” -Calan Breckon, World Traveler

Intuitive Healing

Ready to Embrace Your Power?

Perhaps you’ve “woken up” and are starting your spiritual journey but aren’t sure how to integrate everything you’re learning or need help with what’s blocking you from becoming you Empowered Self. I help people get free from the past, manage their energy to be fully embodied in the present, and take personalized aligned action steps to make their future bright. I work with people in one of two ways:

1. Individual Sessions to help clear your energy and align your energy centers. You will leave refreshed and with unique-to-you action items to help maintain your new heightened vibration.

2. For those who are not sure what is holding them back and want to break free from the past, let go of old labels, unconscious beliefs systems, old energies, and overcome emotional attacks, put-downs, and other fear based beliefs. We work together over 4 one hour sessions to let go of what holds you back at an energetic and soul level, become aligned with your own truth, and become truly empowered in your day to day life.

 You will learn to trust yourself fully, overcome self criticism and gain the wisdom behind your previous experiences so you have a solid foundation for creating an empowered life. This amount of time allows for more time to implement practical changes, get feedback, and really shift into a reality you want.

Optimal Health through Diet

Holistic Nutrition

I get it, eating well can be tough and there is so much conflicting information out there. I have spent the last 10 years researching optimal health and have overcome poor digestion, eating disorders, poor body image, low energy and adrenal fatigue. As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner I combine both education and practical applications tailored unique to your needs to meet your specific goals whether they be weight loss, hormone balance, or increased energy.

You will spend your entire life in your body, taking care of it shouldn't be a hassle. 

I offer private nutrition coaching, in home kitchen audits, and more. 

Contact me to discuss how I can serve you in your wellness journey.

Inspiration & Meditation

Speaking & Events

I facilitate unique, inspiring and interactive presentations and group events from workshops to meditations.

I will help you find your true intentions, find the source of what holds you back in life, and have more energy to go for your dreams!

 Contact me to discuss possible speaking and event opportunities.

My Story

I teach and facilitate processes to help release you from your past, and help guide you in implementing small action steps to living freely as your true self! I’m all about authenticity, integrity and personal power.

I’ve given my power away completely in my past. From listening to medical doctors telling me my symptoms were nothing and to just deal with feeling sick, to the typical career advice that left me unhappy in my job, to finding myself in a cult, manipulated by a psychopath masquerading as a guru. Those experiences left me at rock bottom with a choice to make; be a victim, or commit myself to victory. Over the next few months and years I took the opportunity to heal my body, rediscover myself, take control of my life and make new empowering choices.

When you can sincerely tune into the wisdom of your past choices, you can empower yourself to create a life you can be proud of. I am gifted at assessing the various parts of your life that are not working for you so we can create a much healthier big picture.


Working one on one with individuals, and also with small groups, I help people who have followed other’s dreams or ideals to release the past and to take their power back.

Vicki, please continue to share your gift as the world will be altered by it.

Jill Prescott, Spiritual Badass

You have helped me to let go of  past memories that have kept me bound; and I am now I am able to live in the present. 


I will look back on our valuable work together and know that you have had a massive impact on my life. The changes I see in myself are wonderful.


Anyone who hasn't done an energy assessment with Vicki should do themselves a BIG favor.... she's spot on.

Susan B.

My connection to God has strengthened and the dark cloud has gone away. Thanks Vicki! you are the real deal and you are a blessing to all those that come your way.”

Tarek Bibi

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Windsor, NS, Canada


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